Lycon Precision Waxing 

At Magda Beauty Clinic Marbella waxing is done the way it should be done. We are highly experienced in all types of waxing and permanent hair removal. Personal consultation is always included before we choose the best suitable LYCON precision waxing method:   


  • Hot Waxing 

  • LYCOJET-ing

  • Strip Waxing


Laser Hair Removal 

If you want to remove any hair of your body permanently and in a save way we also do Laser hair removal with Light Sheer Diode.

Don't hesitate to ask for a free consultation

Lycon Waxing Marbella Magda Beauty Clinic & Skin Care




Brazilian wax Marbella

In Beauty Clinic Marbella we are highly specialised in intimate Brazilian waxing. Providing maximum hygiene and working with disposable materials. 

In addition to our brazilian wax specialism we offer Vajazzling to enhance your bikini area.