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Dermapen 4 in Marbella 

What is Dermapen?


Our skin's renewal process slows down as we age, so Dermapen Treatments are the safe, natural alternative to fight the aging process.

Clinical Dermapen Treatments along with other combination therapies can produce amazing results.

What’s more, Dermapen treatments naturally work from within. The natural wound-healing responses created by microneedling treatments will kick start the production of collagen and elastin production.

  •  Natural production of collagen and elastin

  •  Penetration of actives

  •  Eliminates fine wrinkles and scars

  •  Improves pigmentation

  •  Toned skin from the first session

For best results we recommend Dp Dermaceuticals, the world’s first meso-infusion skincare range exclusively designed for micro-needling procedures. Specific protocol packs serve as non-negotiables to ensure the best results when combined with Dermapen skin needling procedures.

Dermapen 4 is launched as the only microneedling device on the market with an exclusive system specially designed for the revision of deep and atrophic scars, surgical scars, burn contractures, stretch marks and post-acne scars. The penetration depth of the needle can reach up to 3.0 mm.

Due to its patented AOVN technology, motor speed, pressure and penetration are automatically calibrated for greater accuracy. No skin tugging.

The innovative and exclusive adjustment of Dermapen 4 allows a deeper needle penetration, so that body contours and thickened fibrous tissue can be treated effortlessly and more effectively. The depth of the needle can also be adjusted in 0.1 mm increments for the treatment of the scalp, eyelids and intimate areas of the body.

Dp Dermaceuticals 

We use DP Dermaceuticals as part of your treatment protocol with Dermapen 4.


These are known as " Non Negotiables" which will bring out the best in your skin.

You want the best for your skin. We get it. That’s why we dedicated years of research and millions of dollars to developing a skincare range to boost your Dermapen microneedling results.

  • Designed to enhance microneedling procedures

  • Proven effectiveness for a range of skin concerns

  • Tailored products for every step of your daily routine

  • Used in thousands of clinics all around the world

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