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Body Treatments in Marbella 
by Magda Welters

Magda Welters Logo_3_var-05.png
Magda Welters Logo_3_var-05.png




Attention: for hygienic reasons we do not work with shared foottubs.
Our way of working is extremely professional and hygiene is top of mind in our salon.
We only work with disposable materials.  

Magda offers a range of body treatments designed to make you look and feel fantastic.  From Environ body treamtents for cellulite, to Bellabaci cupping therapy.
Skin Care & Beauty Clinic Marbella by Magda is very well known for our professional skin enhancement programs and non invasive skin improvements. Book your free consultation now.

Body Profile

This powerful body sculpting treatment will help you to say goodbye to the “orange peel appearance”.

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